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Need Resources For Patient Care?

Check out the list below with a few of our favorites to help you stay up-to-date on conventional and integrative therapies for cardiovascular health.


Endurance Products Company

The EP brand has been a trusted source of quality dietary supplements since 1987. Our sustained-release and extended-release tablets feature a unique vegetable wax matrix that releases nutrients in a slow, steady manner over a period of hours for optimal nutrient absorption and retention. University researchers, healthcare professionals, and consumers alike have been relying on its advanced delivery technology for decades.


The BaleDoneen Method

Drs. Bale and Donnen are international leaders in cardiology and founders of the renowned BaleDoneen Method. Unlike the current standard of care, this comprehensive, yet simple, prevention plan uses a disease treatment approach to prevent heart attacks, ischemic strokes and diabetes. Medical and dental providers can learn the method and how to integrate it into clinical practice at a two-day course, the BaleDoneen Preceptorship.


National Lipid Association

This organization is dedicated to enhancing the practice of lipid management in clinical medicine, aiming to support efforts to reduce death and disability related to disorders of lipid metabolism, provide professional activities to members, and collaborate with like-minded organizations.


Linus Pauling Institute

The Institute's Micronutrient Information Center is a source for scientifically accurate information on the functions and health effects of all micronutrients, other nutrients, dietary factors, including many phytochemicals, and some food and beverages, including tea, coffee, and alcohol.


Preventive Cardiovascular Nurses Association

This organization focuses on the critical role nurses play in comprehensive cardiovascular risk reduction by increasing public and political awareness, supporting opportunities for education and professional development, and advocating for professional certification and development.


Institute for Functional Medicine

This organization is focused on the widespread adoption of functional medicine as the standard of care. Functional medicine shifts the traditional disease-centered focus of medical practice to a more patient-centered approach, addressing the whole person, rather than an isolated set of symptoms.


Radcliffe Cardiology

This innovative media and publishing company aims to assist in the continuous education of physicians with an interest in cardiology and includes a range of clinical content generated through collaboration with leading cardiologists from around the world.


American Association of Integrative Medicine

This organization advocates that “healthy” means more than just the absence of disease. It provides a gathering place for healers, educators, and researchers who share this belief and is a source for credentialing programs and continuing education that promotes research in the integration of safe and effective medical treatment modalities.


Heart Health and Anti Aging


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