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ENDUR-ACIN® improves blood lipid profiles and cerebrovascular tone, study shows


  • ENDUR-ACIN® improves serum lipid profiles in patients with dyslididemia and hypertension.
  • ENDUR-ACIN® helps normalize cerebrovascular tone and reactivity.
  • ENDUR-ACIN® exerts a mild hypertensive effect.


This open-label trial was designed to assess the lipid and non-lipid effects of ENDUR-ACIN® in patients with dyslipidemia and hypertension with or without ischemic heart disease.

For this pilot study, researchers followed 40 patients (27 men and 13 women), mean age 52 years, most of whom took ENDUR-ACIN® (1,500 mg/day) for 6 months. Lipids levels were measured in all the patients, and cerebral blood flow was measured by transcranial dopplerography in 23 patients.

Results indicate that ENDUR-ACIN® (1,500 mg/day) treatment for 6 months improved serum lipid profiles as well as normalized cerebrovascular tone and reactivity, while producing a mild hypotensive effect.

These preliminary findings suggest that ENDUR-ACIN® treatment offers therapeutic benefits for normalizing both serum lipid levels and cerebrovascular tone in this patient population.


Smolenskaia OG, Kazakov IaE, Barats SS. Lipid and non-lipid effects of ENDUR-ACIN in patients with arterial hypertension (in Russian; English abstract). Ter Arkh. 1999;71(8):23-7.

PMID: 10515030