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 Cholesterol and Lipid Metabolism STUDIES

Berberine for type 2 diabetes: meta-analysis and dosage recommendation

Highlights Meta-analysis of 46 clinical trials involving people with type 2 diabetes Berberine significantly improves glycemic control, blood lipid profile, inflammation, and BMI Typical dosage is 300-500 mg, three times daily,...
on April 03, 2024

Vitamin C supplementation improves blood lipids in patients with dyslipidemia or diabetes, meta-analysis shows

Highlights Meta-analysis of 40 randomized, controlled trials with significant heterogeneity No overall significant effect of vitamin C supplementation on blood lipid levels Subgroup analyses shows significant effects in people with...
on February 25, 2020

Tocotrienols may be effective in improving blood lipids in patients with mild hypercholesterolemia, preliminary study shows

Highlights Mixed tocotrienols (as EVNol Suprabio™) significantly improves total and LDL cholesterol Dosage is 50 mg, once daily for 4 weeks No significant changes in HDL cholesterol Summary This randomized,...
on February 25, 2020

Tocotrienols as adjunct therapy for chronic diseases, a comprehensive review

Highlights Includes over 3 decades of published research (preclinical & human studies) Research related to common diseases addressed Applications for cardiovascular, cerebrovascular, neurodegenerative diseases & more Summary This comprehensive review...
on February 25, 2020

Superba™ krill oil reduces plasma level of key endocannabinoid in obese adults, study shows

Highlights Plasma level of 2-AG strongly correlates with metabolic syndrome in obese individuals Superba™ krill oil significantly reduces plasma 2-AG in obese adults Effective dosage is 2 g/day for 4 weeks Summary...
on February 25, 2020