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ResVida® resveratrol is readily bioavailable and exerts positive effects on endothelial function, study shows


  • Randomized, double-blind, controlled, cross-over with 20 adults with hypertension
  • Supplementation consisted of single doses of resVida® (30, 90 and 270 mg)
  • All amounts of resVida® significantly improve endothelial function compared to placebo


This randomized, double-blind, controlled, cross-over trial was designed to determine whether resveratrol (resVida®) acutely affects flow-mediated dilation (a marker of endothelia function) in a dose-response manner.

For this study, researchers enrolled 20 overweight/obese men and postmenopausal women, mean age 55 years, with moderately high blood pressure.

In a laboratory setting and after a four-hour fast, subjects were given, in random order, single doses of resveratrol (30, 90 and 270 mg) or a placebo at weekly intervals. After 45 minutes of rest, plasma resveratrol level and endothelial function (FMD) were measured. Of the 20 subjects enrolled, 19 completed the study. One subject dropped out due reasons unrelated to study participation (e.g., bronchitis requiring medication).

Results indicate a significant (P<.05) dose effect of resveratrol on plasma resveratrol level with proportional increases as the resveratrol dose increased. Compared to placebo, each of the three doses of resveratrol significantly (P<.05) increased FMD response from a mean of 4.1% (placebo) to 8% after 270 mg resveratrol.

These preliminary findings indicate that supplementing with 30 to 270 mg of resveratrol, an amount that cannot be obtained from diet alone, has an acute effect on improving endothelial function in people with moderately high blood pressure.


Wong RH, Howe PR, Buckley JD, Coates AM, Kunz I, Berry NM. Acute resveratrol supplementation improves flow-mediated dilatation in overweight/obese individuals with mildly elevated blood pressure. Nutr Metab Cardiovasc Dis. 2011;21(11):851-6.

PMID: 20674311