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Sustained-release l-arginine helps maintain healthy blood pressure, preliminary study shows


  • Open-label trial with 29 middle-aged men and women
  • Sustained-release l-arginine significantly reduces blood pressure, improves large arterial compliance
  • Effective amount is 1,050 mg, twice daily


This open label trial included 29 Caucasian adults (12 women and 17 men, average age of 40 years) with either normal (n=19) or borderline or high blood pressure (n=10). Subjects were given sustained-release arginine (1,050 mg, twice daily) for one week. Blood pressure and vascular endothelial function (via digital pulse wave analysis) were measured at baseline and after one week.

Analysis of all subjects (n=29) indicated a significant (P<.05) 4.6% reduction in diastolic blood pressure (-3.90 mmHg, on average) and a significant 23% improvement in large arterial compliance compared to baseline. In the 10 individuals with borderline or frank hypertension, a highly significant 7% reduction in systolic blood pressure was reported (-10.6 mmHg, on average).

These preliminary findings suggest sustained-release l-arginine may help maintain healthy blood vessel tone and blood pressure, especially in people with high blood pressure.


Miller AL. The Effects of Sustained-Release L-Arginine formulation on blood pressure and vascular compliance in 29 healthy individuals. Altern Med Rev. 2006;11(1):23-9.

PMID: 16597191